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David B Nichols, DC -  - Chiropractor

David B Nichols, DC

Chiropractor located in Belmont, CA

Headaches are one of the most common health problems, affecting 9 in 10 Americans. Chiropractor Dr. David Nichols offers natural relief from headaches without drugs or invasive procedures at his private practice in Belmont, California. If you suffer from headaches, call the office of Dr. Nichols or book an appointment online today.

Headaches Q & A

What are headaches?

You’ve probably had a headache at some point in your life. This pain in your head can range from a dull ache to a sharp, stabbing sensation that leaves you unable to function. Sometimes, headaches occur with other symptoms, like nausea and vomiting.

Headaches may come on slowly or hit you suddenly and can last from less than an hour to more than a few days.

There are many types of headaches, including:

  • Tension headaches
  • Migraines
  • Cluster headaches

These conditions are called primary headaches because they occur on their own. A secondary headache is a symptom of another medical condition, like the flu.

What causes headaches?

Many things can cause headaches. Headache causes, or triggers, vary from person to person, but may include:

  • Muscle tension in the neck
  • Certain foods or drinks
  • Environmental stimuli like flashing lights
  • Psychosocial stress
  • Poor sleep (insomnia)
  • Not drinking enough water (dehydration)

Tension in the neck is the most common cause of tension headaches, which are the most prevalent type of headache. Dr. Nichols specializes in restoring balance to your musculoskeletal and nervous systems to prevent tension headaches.

How common are headaches?

Headaches are the most common type of pain and a leading cause of doctor visits. Traditional medicine treats headaches with medications that merely mask the symptoms and may cause side effects.

Chiropractic care offers a better solution. If you miss work or school due to frequent or severe headaches, Dr. Nichols can help.

How does chiropractic care alleviate headaches?

First, Dr. Nichols thoroughly evaluates your overall health, medical history, and lifestyle behaviors. He performs a comprehensive chiropractic exam to determine the root cause of your headaches.

Then, Dr. Nichols recommends an individualized treatment plan tailored to your needs. Treatment for headaches may include:

  • Chiropractic adjustments
  • Advice on posture and exercises to perform at home
  • Nutritional counseling, including diet changes and supplementation

Dr. Nichols may also recommend relaxation techniques to help you reduce stress and sleep better.

You don’t have to suffer through headaches. Call the office of Dr. David Nichols or book an appointment online today for natural and effective headache relief.